Construction Services

Staro Construction Projects

This is the electrical construction and maintenance leg of Staro

They specialise in the following:
  1. Installation of new equipment such as:
    • PLCs
    • VSDs
    • Soft Starters
    • Power & Energy Management equipment
    • Condition Monitoring equipment
    • Switchgear
    • Industrial electrical components
    • Field equipment
    • Switchgear
  2. Low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage installations.
  3. New installations also includes manufacture and installation of cable racks.
  4. Disconnecting and removal of redundant electrical equipment.
  5. Maintenance and cleaning of electrical substations.
  6. Installation, jointing, strapping and termination of electrical cables.
  7. Certificate of compliance on installations

We have also developed a cable theft detection system that has proven to be very successful and is fairly tamper-free. Cables can be monitored on a permanent basis, powered up or powered down. Cables up to 600 Volt can be monitored. When the system detects cable theft or even un-scheduled power down, the system can call a few numbers to report such an event. It also uses a duel sim card operating system for reporting (Vodacom + Cell-C) to ensure maximum security, should one service be off line.

Our team has a very good safety record with a 4 Star Platinum Nosa rating and is also part of the QAS quality assurance system (ISO 9001:2008)