Staro design and assemble MCCs that are IEC 61439 compliant.

Units with operational voltage up to 1000VAC and short circuit withstand current of 50kA for 1 sec can be certified.

Various installations of “intelligent” MCCs across a broad spectrum of industries have been installed. This is achieved by seamless integration with an Allen-Bradley type controller on any of the recognized networks, such as DeviceNet, ControlNet or Ethernet. We supply the complete package which includes the design, purchasing of equipment, wiring, testing (factory and site), delivery and documentation. Quality control is monitored throughout the entire process.

• Electronic cabinets include PLC and marshalling cabinets, field junction boxes from mild or stainless steel.
• IP rating to client specification.
• Electric panels include power distribution boards and MCC’s.
• We can suppy the complete range of Rittal and Sabelco panels.

Staro MCC Panel