Control Systems & Software

Various Process Control projects with varying complexities have been completed by Staro. We have an in depth knowledge of the ContolLogix, Factory Talk and Vantage Point software platforms.

Control applications for process plants

Control applications for process plants are engineered using the Allen Bradley ControlLogix platform together with Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk software suite, to provide comprehensive insight into plant processes. Operator displays are designed following the recommendations from the Abnormal Situation Management Consortium for effective operator display design (see High availability systems are designed by making used of redundant I/O, controller redundancy and server redundancy.

Rapid implementation is possible through making use of in-house code generating software, which reduces engineering time and human error.

Historian and VantagePoint Projects

Staro has completed several projects implementing the Rockwell software packages designed for storage and reporting of historical plant data. Using Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Historian SE and VantagePoint we have designed reports for equipment uptime as well as safety compliance reports for the mining sector.conveyor availability overview

Industrial IT

We can supply and design server systems and networks for the industrial sector. Staro have extensive experience in design and implementation of both physical and virtualized server systems used together with Rockwell Automation Software Packages. We also design and implement Cisco based industrial fibre and copper networks with redundancy and failover options.

Batching and weighing systems

Various feed systems consisting of weighing and batch applications have been completed by Staro. These applications include:

  • Automatic batch size calculation from original set point
  • Batch sizes calculated to prevent overfilling of weigh hoppers (considering both material weight and volume)
  • Automatic inflight correction
  • Auto tare within limits before field calibration is required
  • Support to enter set point manually or send from plant model (level 2)
  • Batch reporting back to level 2

Increased throughput by making used of sandwich type weighing, achieved by weighing material on top of material already in the weigh hopper without emptying the weigh hopper first.