Staro Furnace Monitoring Systems

Staro has their own in-house developed furnace monitoring system which assists in furnace control decision-making by providing accurate predictions of the refractory lining wear, shape of the crucible, and heat transfer through the furnace shell. This system has been successfully implemented at different large scale chrome and manganese smelting plants in South Africa. The furnace monitoring system is based on Microsoft C# technology with SQL Server as the database backend. The system uses an algorithm developed by Allied Furnace Consultants, designed specifically for monitoring the condition of the refractory lining in furnaces. The model’s interface with plant data, database and graphical engineering was developed and is maintained by STARO Process Control (Pty) Ltd.

Software Features

Staro 3D Furnace Model

3D Model

The 3D Model of the furnace can be rotated and zoomed in 3D space providing an excellent view of the crucible and refractory lining shapes. 3D slices are generated by pointing and clicking with the mouse. Thermocouple and electrode status information can also be displayed in the 3D window by hovering the mouser pointer over the different 3D objects.

Trend Screen

With FMS V4 comes new, easy to use, drag-drop Trends. All data points being monitored can be trended using the new drag-drop control. It is as easy as specifying the time range and dragging the data point onto the control. Staro FMS Trends

Heat Flux Matrix

The Heat Flux Matrix shows the amount of energy passing through the furnace shell. This can be used for efficient electrode position estimation. Staro FMS Heatflux Matrix

Furnace Overview

The Furnace Overview gives a quick summary of the current condition of the different components being monitored. Staro Furnace Overview