eWON Reseller

STARO Process Control is a reseller of eWON products, we stock and supply the full range of eWON Flexy, COSY and eFive products. We also have in-house technical expertise to assist with your presales questions as well as technical support on existing deployments. Other eWON products (including the CD range of routers) are available on request with approx. 4 weeks of lead time from date of order.

eWON Cosy Range

If you are interested in Remote Access then the Cosy range is the right product for you.

The eWON Cosy is an industrial VPN router designed to offer easy remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field. With the eWON Cosy, OEMs and System Integrators can troubleshoot machines remotely without going on site, drastically reducing support costs. There are three Cosy models available depending on the type of Internet Connection available. For more information on the Cosy range see www.ewon.biz

COSY Routers (in stock)
EC61330eWON COSY 131 IP Router, 4 x 10/100Mb Ethernet, Ethernet WAN
EC6133DeWON COSY 131 IP Router, 4 x 10/100Mb Ethernet, 3G WAN
EC6133CeWON COSY 131 IP Router, 4 x 10/100Mb Ethernet, Wifi WAN
EC6133GeWON COSY 131 IP Router, 4 x 10/100Mb Ethernet, 4G WAN

 eWON Flexy Range


If you are interested in both Remote Access and Data Services then choose the Flexy range.

The eWON Flexy range is designed for both remote access and data services. With the eWON Flexy you get all the functionality of the Cosy Range with additional features such as alarm management and notification, data acquisition, data logging and retrieval, web server HMI, scripting, and much more

The Flexy range contains two different product lines with the main difference being the routing functionality. With the Flexy 200 both the eWON and all devices behind the eWON is reachable through the Talk2M service, while the Flexy 100 does not support routing to devices behind the eWON. See www.ewon.biz for more information.


Flexy base modules (in stock)

Flexy10100_00MAeWON Flexy 101, 4 x Ethernet, VPN
Flexy10200_00MAeWON Flexy 102, 1 x Ethernet, VPN, 1 x RS232/485 serial Port
Flexy10300_00MAeWON Flexy 103, 1 x Ethernet, VPN, 1 x Profibus/MPI Port - S7
Flexy20100_00MAeWON Flexy 201, 4 x Ethernet, VPN, Router
Flexy20200_00MAeWON Flexy 202, 1 x Ethernet, VPN, Router, 1 x RS232/485 serial Port
Flexy20300_00MAeWON Flexy 203, 1 x Ethernet, VPN, Router, 1 x Profibus/MPI Port - S7
Flexy20500_00MAeWON Flexy 205, 4 x Ethernet, VPN, Router, IIoT, OPC UA

Flexy WAN Extension Cards (in stock)
There are four WAN extension cards depending on the type of internet connection available
FLB3202_01eWON Flexy Extension Card FLB3202 with 3G WAN
FLB3271_00eWON Flexy Extension Card FLB3271 with Wifi WAN
FLX3101_00eWON Flexy Extension Card FLX3101 with Ethernet WAN
FLB3204_00eWON Flexy Extension Card FLB3204 with 4G WAN

IO Connections
Flexy Utility Extension Cards (in stock)
Extension cards for field IO or PLC communication
FLA3301_00eWON Flexy Extension Card FLA3301 with 2 serial RS232/485 ports
FLX3402_00eWON Flexy Extension Card FLX3401 with I/Os (8DI, 4AI, 2DO)
FLB3601_00eWON FLB3601 Flexy Extension, Card B type, with 3 USB ports

eFive Industrial VPN Appliance

The eFive is generally used as an alternative to Talk2M where a more permanent VPN connection is required between remote sites and your local network. Choose the eFive as a companion for an existing eWON deployment if you need to integrate data from a remote site with your local SCADA application. See www.ewon.biz for more information.

[one_half padding=”20px 0px 0 0″]eFive Products (in stock)
E510101eWON eFive25 Appliance, VPN server upto 50 users
E520201eWON eFive100 Appliance, VPN server upto 200 users

eWON Accessories

We keep stock on the most used eWON accessories, connection cables and antennas.

eWON Accessories
A-OMNI-0039-05-V3Omni Cell Blade 3G Magbase Antenna with 2m Cable (Indoor use)
A-LPDA-0092High Gain 3G Antenna with 7m Cable (External use, order mounting bracket and pole separately)
EW40905eWON Wire/MiniDIN cable
EW40906eWON SUBD9/MiniDIN Cable
EW40910eWON Siemens S5 cable
EW40912eWON Siemens S7 cable
FAC90201_0000eWON Flexy power connector for eWON Flexy and eWON Cosy 131
FAC90401_0000eWON Flexy I/O connector for Flexy IO card (FLX3402_00)
FAC90101_0000Replacement Battery for eWON Flexy and eWON Cosy 131