Product Notice 2017-10-002 Revision A – Ladder logic editor missing rungs

Logix Designer Ladder Logic Editor Missing All Rungs in a Routine when Online with Correlation after Online Edits are removed in ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380

This Product Notice informs you of an anomaly that exists with the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® ladder logic editor.  If online changes are made to a ladder logic routine within a ControlLogix® 5580 or CompactLogix® 5380 controller and those changes are assembled or tested, and subsequently removed, all rungs within the routine may be removed when the Go Online command in Logix Designer is used.  The rungs will appear as missing within the Logix Designer editor.  Controller projects that have been online edited will continue to operate as expected until the Logix Designer Go Online option is used and a subsequent download of the resulting project file is performed.


The affected product is Studio 5000 Logix Designer, all versions v28 and v29, and specific version v30.00.  This anomaly will be corrected in versions v30.01 and later, including future release v31.  The following Logix Designer products are affected by this anomaly:

9324-RLD700NX-ENE        9324-RLD700NXINT
9324-RLD600ENE               9324-RLD-600INTL
9324-RLD300NX-ENE        9324-RLD300NX-INT
9324-RLD300ENE               9324-RLD-300INTL
9324-RLD250ENE               9324-RLD-250INTL
9324-RLD200ENE               9324-RLD-200INTL
9324-RLD000ENE               9324-RLD-000INTL



Until software correcting this anomaly can be downloaded and installed, customers are advised to avoid the use of the Go Online command.  Customers are instead advised to use the Upload command in Logix Designer when connecting to a controller.

If this condition has already occurred and you have not downloaded the project with the missing rungs to the controller, you may upload the original project from the controller to a new Logix Designer project to recover the missing rungs.

If you are not sure if you are affected by this anomaly, you may inspect your project for all ladder logic routines with zero rungs.  Within Logix Designer, open the Controller Organizer and view the properties of each ladder logic routine.  Those that show “Number of Rungs – 0” may be affected by this anomaly.  A person with knowledge of the project should review all zero rung routines to determine if they may be affected by this anomaly. [Refer to the attached PDF documents for example images.]



Correction requires download and installation of corrected product software.  Product software may be downloaded from the Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC).

Important – Product hardware is not affected by this anomaly and may not be returned as part of this notification.

  • Access the PCDC at
  • In the product search field, enter Studio 5000.  Then select Studio 5000 Logix Designer.
  • The corrected version will be version 30.01 or later.  V30.01 is expected to be available on or before November 2017.
  • You will be asked to enter your Rockwell Automation Member Account and product identification information to continue with the download process.
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the corrected software.

Important – Download and installation of updated software will not correct controller routines already affected by this anomaly.  Refer to the Temporary Workarounds section of this document for information on correcting affected routines.

Customers under support contract are automatically eligible for software updates.  Customers not under a support contract should contact Rockwell Automation Technical Support for further instructions.

Customers are advised to sign into the PCDC using their Rockwell Automation Member Account and configure PCDC notifications to receive email updates when updates are available for these products.  Alternatively, you may sign up to receive a notification when software correcting this specific anomaly is available by clicking the link provided at the end of the Rockwell Automation Knowledgebase Article ID 1063358 for this Product Notice PN 2017-10-002.


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